First, download and save the newest version of the WooCommerce Host Merchant Services plugin from the following.

Next, we will need to install the plugin to WordPress.

  • Log into the admin area of your WordPress installation
  • Hover your cursor over ‘Plugins’ on the left menu
  • Select ‘Add New’
  • At the top, select ‘Upload Plugin’
  • Click ‘Choose file’ and navigate to the location on your computer where you downloaded the plugin zip file to
  • Once that is selected, click ‘Install Now’
If the plugin installs correctly, you will see the ‘WooCommerce Host Merchant Services
Gateway’ on your Plugins screen. You will then need to activate the plugin by clicking ‘activate’ directly below the plugin title.

We generally recommend testing with the keys below before switching the gateway live on any site. To install the test keys, please follow these steps within the WordPress area.

WooCommerce (left navigation) -> Settings -> Checkout (tab at the top) -> Host Merchant Services

You will then need to enter the Test Gateway ID and Registration that are below. You’ll also need to select ‘Enable Test Gateway Mode’.

Gateway ID: (Call Host Merchant Services Support)
Registration Key: (Call Host Merchant Services Support)

Test the keys for the gateway.

This will now allow you to place test transactions. Please note that before a site is approved to go live, an SSL certificate must be installed on the domain where the payments are being processed.